Geska – Sleeping culture since 1921

Geska is a brand for professional bedding that was founded in Germany in 1921. Geska stands for German craftsmanship and thoughtful development work.

Under the Geska brand, we offer high-quality bedding items for use in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, laundries, ships as well as public facilities.

Special products such as dog beds and custom-made mattresses and toppers are also part of the Geska product range.

Our offer covers the complete process from product development to the finished packaged product and advanced logistics.

Geska’s main markets are Germany, Austria, Benelux, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy.

Geska Products & Assortment

We use our knowledge and many years of experience to develop bedding of the highest quality, to realise it efficiently and to produce it in a way that is both cost and environmentally conscious.

The Geska range is systematically structured according to added value and areas of application. This applies to the materials used, such as fabrics and fillings, as well as to the manufacturing process.

We stock most of our products as NOS (never-out-of-stock) so that we can guarantee short delivery times.

We are in constant dialogue with our customers and can also design and realise unusual specifications and private labels.

Together with our partners in research and development, we work on efficient and environmentally friendly solutions – with the aim of always going the extra mile for our customers.

We help the world sleep better

Geska | Collection​


Good quality at a fair price

The collection “TopLine by Geska” convinces with its strong price-performance ratio and its extensive assortment:

  • Quilts and pillows
  • Ergonomic pillows
  • Top mattresses and toppers
  • Medical pillows and aids


Easy-care bedding with Hygiene Plus

The “CleanNights by Geska” collection is designed for the special needs of industrial laundries. Tests in industrial laundries have confirmed the quality.

  • Quilts
  • Pillows


Natural sleep

The collection “GreenNights” convinces with natural and sustainable premium materials as well as an environmentally friendly manufacturing process of the following products:

  • Comforters
  • Quilted pillows


Safety and sleeping comfort

Flame-retardant bedding makes an important contribution to preventive fire protection. The products are permanently flame retardant and have been successfully tested according to the guidelines of the European fire safety standards.

  • Quilts
  • Pillows
  • Bed linen
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